Were you born here?
Where were you born?
I was born in Afghanistan, Kabul.
Cool, why did you come to Southall then? and what year?
I came to Southall in 1999 because I had to leave back home and take refuge in this country because of war so I was forced to leave with my mum. 
Do you like Southall?
Yes I like Southall because it’s different, it’s unique.
Do you like the community?
I love the community because it’s so multicultural and I can be myself. I love the mates I’ve made here in Featherstone.
Why did your mum choose Southall?
No particular reason, it was just an easy place to settle down seeing as it was so multicultural. 
What do you really like about Southall?
I like the food because it’s very different, like the Indian food and sweets and stuff. We didn’t used to get this stuff in Afghanistan like the Jalebis, Ladoos.. yummy! :D
Thanks for the interview.
No worries.

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