Date: 6 July 2011

Location: Featherstone high school

Name of interviewer: Sonia Sandhu

Interview’s school: Featherstone high school

Name of person being interviewed: Tahira Ahmad

Relationship to interviewer: Friendship
Q1.what do you like about Southall?

  1. “I like all sorts of things about Southall for example I love the different foods and clothes Southall has to offer. It makes me feel close to home because I have most of my family and friends with me.”
Q2.which backgrounds did your parents come from?

  1. “My mum and dad were born in South Africa but my origin is Indian.”
Q3.what is your religion?

  1. “My religion is Sunni Muslim.”
Q4.who came in this country first from your family?

  1. “My Dad was the first from my family to arrive in Southall in 2002.
Q5.what does Southall mean to you?

     A. Southall makes me imagine how my life will be similar in India if I lived there even though I have never been there. It’s like home a home from my parent’s side and my culture all in one which is Southall.


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