A trip to the Past

Interviewer: Hello, I am glad that you came.

????: Well, it was a chance to share my story of Southall. Honestly I am really thankful for this chance.

Interviewer:  Hey, no problem.

????: But I am thankful.

Interviewer: Okay, let’s get on with the questions. When did you come to Southall and is it possible for the date?

????: I came to Southall on the 17th August 1988. It was a cold day.

Interviewer: Why did you come to Southall?

????: I came to gain a better life.

Interviewer: Why did you come to gain a better life here?

????: Because Southall has so many different cultures and plus my sister lives here. We were incredible close and were like the best of friends.

Interviewer: What was your feeling when you first stepped foot in Southall?

????: I felt weird as my heart beat was thumbing and at the same time I was filled with excitement as I was going to meet my sister again.

Interviewer: What was so special about Southall that made you come here?

????: I was a favourite fan of the Manor Park and the Dominion Centre. It was two places with history and I wanted to see them with my eyes. I heard that in Manor Park King Henry VIII, planted a tree.

Interviewer: Where did you go first?

????: I went to Guru Singh Sahib Gurdwara on Havelock Road.

Interviewer: Wasn’t the Gurdwara built in the 2000

????: Actually in 1988, there was a Gurdwara there where the new Gurdwara is built. It was quite small then the new one.

Interviewer: Did you come alone?

????: Yes, I did.

Interviewer: How was it like back then?

????: It was extremely pleasant not that it isn’t now. I actually very liked the scenery and Parks.

Interviewer: What were your best moments in Southall?

????: My best moments or shall I say moment was when I met some people from different cultures and became friends.

Interviewer: What were your bad moments in Southall?

????: The moments were when I kept getting stared at by people and it was very uncomfortable.

Interviewer: What would you sum up Southall today?

????: I would sum up Southall as a multi cultured town but there has been changes with crime around the corner.

Interviewer: Well, thank you for sharing your time  to share your past. It was very nice to find out the facts you given me.

????: You’re Welcome. Hey, I thank you too.

sade bashuron
7/6/2011 06:33:48 am

i can really see the exicement your dad was going through!


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