-What year did you come to the UK?

< I arrived in the year 1999 in Heathrow Airport.

-Did you have a particular reason for your departure?

 < Of course, I had many. I wouldn’t leave my home, my family and talk refuge in a new country. Due to the war back home I was forced to leave. I couldn’t risk my children’s lives so I had to make a reasonable choice and move.

- So how did you end up in Southall?

< To be honest, there is no particular reason why I came to Southall. I think it’s just an easy place to settle down, with it being such a multi-cultured area I didn’t want to feel felt out.

- So how comes your still in Southall at the moment – since you’re settled in the UK- why are you still in Southall?

< Well, I guess I could say that Southall is like no place on earth. I think it’s just with everything being so open and the fact you can be yourself, made me stay. I also thought it will be good for the upcoming of my children.   


< = my mum

-  = maryam razhi

8/16/2016 12:09:22 am


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