When was the swimming pool in Recreation Park built in?

Roughly in the early 1940’s.

What types of pool was it indoor or outdoor?

It was an open air swimming pool.

What did the swimming pool consist of?

The swimming pool consisted of changing rooms, round kid’s pool, a large shallow end which lead to a deep end.

Where there any shops there?

There was an ice cream shop, which sold soups, ice creams, drinks and chocolates.

Where there any seating areas?

There was a very large seating area, with umbrella stands, tables and chairs.

Where the male and female changing rooms separate?


Was the swimming pool open every day of the week?

Yes it was open every day of the week.

What was the cost of using the swimming pool?

The cost was 30 pence.

How busy was it?

The pool was busy everyday full of families and children.

Why did the swimming pool close down?

The swimming pool closed down because the council stopped the funding.

7/6/2011 05:53:49 am

Yeaaah! My dad usually talks about how there used to be a swimming pool too.

Jatinder Ram
7/6/2011 06:23:47 am

The swimming pool must of been large.

Mustafa Jameel
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7/6/2011 06:33:21 am

wow your work is really interesting!!

Jaspreet Deol
7/6/2011 06:38:14 am

It's interesting to learn about the swimming pool in past.

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7/6/2011 06:38:32 am

i never knew that brilliant
your work deserves a medal

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excellent work


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