Date of interview: 1/7/2011

Location of interviewer: My House

Name of interviewer: Sonia Sandhu

Interviewer’s organisation/school: Featherstone High School

Name of person being interviewed: Ammini Sandhu

Relationship to interviewer: Mother

Q 1.What year did you arrive in Southall?

A.      “I arrived in Southall in 1993.”

Q2.What was so special about Southall that you decided to stay?

A.      “Lots people similar to my religion made me feel like home in this country.”

Q3.Why didn’t you go elsewhere?

A.      “I was new in London and didn’t know where to go, then I somehow ended up in Southall and settled in”

Q 4.When you first came to Southall where did you stay?

       A. “I lived on Randolph Road which is opposite Southall College”

Q5.What was your best experience in Southall?

A.      “it was receiving a job due to my brilliant nursing skills”

Q5.What was the worst experience in Southall?

A.      “Being robbed £800 and heavy gold”

Jaspreet Deol
7/6/2011 06:24:20 am

I liked the interview.

Maryam R
7/6/2011 06:41:26 am

that was a really good interview
and ur mum looks beautiful in the picture :)


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