Hi Mum, I’m doing a project in school about the Southall stories’ was thinking if you could help me out. I mean spare sometime and perhaps answer a few questions. Do you mind or is that alright with you?

Yes, sure

you reckon I could ask you now? If you have time.

 yes, go ahead

well, so let me ask you a simple question! When did you come to Southall ?

Well, I’m not quite sure but I can take a guess. I came to Southall somewhere around September 2004.

Alright,so why did you come to South all? What was the purpose of it?

 I came to Southall because I came to live my life and a house of our own..At that moment I was pregnant of my son .Also, my husband could not find any job in Portugal so he decided to come to Southall and find a good job that would suit him. I wanted to experience a new world and to be honest, Portugal is totally different than here and I like it because most of my family is here.

what is so special about Southall?

It’s a very familiar area and a cultural area.ive got most of my family and close friends living here  and I like it. And also it reminds me of a little city of India.

Where did you go first?

Firstly, I had no permanent house of mine and my family so I stayed at my sister in law in Southall  for a couple of months, and that’s where I started to live in southall as my sister in law showed me the goods of southall.However, soon afterwards I managed to find a house of our own!

How did you feel when you first stepped into Southall?

When I first stepped into southall I felt happy because I knew I was going to have someone like a relative to support me living in this area as I knew this was my type of cultural area which had a lot of Muslims friends and others. Also, my life would totally change, At the same time I felt worried and anxious because I kept thinking to myself how would I cope in this different world, like I said its extremely different to Portugal and I dind’nt know much English as well my kids. I didn’t know how other races would treat me.

What were you best and worst moments?

My best moments was when I finally got to have my own house and live with my family without any worries, because at that time we used to live in rented room. It was really difficult at that time. Also, when I started to study in college and gradually learn English bit by bit

On the other hand, my worst moments were when my husband worked in Bristol for a while because he couldn’t apply to a job in Soutall, while I had to stay home alone with my kids. Life for me at that time was quite difficult as I didn’t have much help from my husband. But, he did used to come only at weekends to visit us.

Oh interesting, thank you for your help and your lovely contribution

Jaspreet Deol
7/6/2011 06:19:41 am

It was really interesting. I liked how the questions help brought detailed questions.

Jaspreet Deol
7/6/2011 06:21:24 am

I was meant to say answers at the end.
Good Job! :)


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