Date: 6/07/11

Location: FHS

Name of interviewer: Tahira Ahmad

Interviewers School: Featherstone High School

Name of person being interviewed: Sonia Sandhu

Relationship to interviewer: Friendship

1)      What do you think of Southall?

“In my point of view, I think that Southall is a precious place for me. I say this because; I believe that Southall is a multi-cultural community which comprise full of Asians and other ethnicity. Also, it makes me imagine how my parent’s community would be like, similar to Southall’s.”

2)    Do you like Southall? If yes, why?

“Yes indeed. This is because there are a huge number of Asians out in Southall. Also, I love the food, it’s nice to taste something cultural that I haven’t tried before.

3)     In which period of time did your parents arrive to Southall?

“My dad was the first one to arrive in Southall in 1985 and my mum arrived in 1981.”

4) What is your religion?

“My mum is half Hindu and Christian and my dad is a Sikh, so basically I am a Sikh.”

5) Where are you originally from?

“I am originally from India.”

6)What was the purpose for your parents to come to Southall?

“The purposes for my parents to come to Southall were that, my dad was seeking for a job and my mum came for nursing experience.

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