Interviewing my Grandfather

Q1:  How long have you been in Southall for?

A: I first came to Southall in September 1963 and stayed for 3 years, and a second time in 1967. But this time stayed.

Q2: What happened the first time you came here and first impressions?

A: First time I had come here I had got a scholarship for training for technical teachers. First Impressions were that they were a lot of Indians in Southall, mainly here to work in labour jobs. There were nearly no Indian shops considering how many Indians there were. I had to even go to Central London to get Wheat flour.

Q3: What about the second time?

A: I came to find a better life like many others. Because of an attack on me I wasn’t able to travel or do the lectures in Leeds University. Then Southall was mostly white and there was a lot of racism so I when the criminals were caught the police did nothing.

Q4: How has Southall changed since then?

A: Southall is now dominated by Indians and is extremely diverse. There are Indian shops everywhere and no racism. No more attacks on the Asian community due to race. Factories in Southall have disappeared and the population of Asians now are educated and not as they were before illiterate and working in labour jobs.

Faiz Saleem
7/6/2011 06:32:34 am

That is a very heartfelt story.
im really feeing it

7/6/2011 06:35:02 am

i agree
i think that this story is good because it shows change in how southall was before with the attack and how it is now

7/6/2011 06:38:02 am

its really weird how southall can change so much over such a little period of time - imagine southall in 10 years time. i wonder if there will be any change?


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