Due to the conflict in Somalia, my father moved to Britain in 1988 for a better life.

The year 1989 my father got he’s working permit and was allowed to stay in the country.

In 1991 my mother came over from Somalia to join my father in the UK. A few months later they would be receiving the first house from the government.

The next 3 years were silent and calm but in 1994 that would all change when my older sister was born.

6 months later my father was moving in to his second home and in three months time will be welcoming his second daughter to the world.

In 1996 something fantastic happened when my mother and father welcomed me into the world.

Now we fast forward four year and there had two more children.

In 2001 we went on our first holiday to now the 20 year independent state of Somaliland.

We enjoy our time there so much we when there the next two following years.

The next big to happen is the 2012 Olympic in London which we will be going.

That’s my family and my Southall story.

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