What’s your dads name?

Tilak ram (‘raj’ tilak)

Why did he come to Southall?

He came to Southall because my granddad found a new job in England, which was paid at a very high salary; as a result of this my dad came to this country at the age of 6 years old, and his career ventured forthwith.

What did your dad do once he came to Southall?

My dad went to Featherstone High School, and he got very good results, he then went to do a degree in science engineering. He passed his degree and went to start working. However, he had another sincere talent, and that was singing. My dad created and established this group called the ‘Mela Group’ which was created in 1982. He sang for 15 years, and earned a lot of money and gave up in 1997.

What was his career?

He successfully had his degree in science engineering, and he had a singing career. 1982-1997. Photo is in the dominion centre.

What type of songs did your dad sing?


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