My experience in Southall has been really good because I met new people. I made lots of new friends because of my school Featherstone High School that is in old Southall. I have 5 members in my family 1 sister and 1 brother and my parents. I have been living in old Southall for 9 years. I go to the Gurdwara with my family often. As I mentioned before I go to FHS and at the moment I am in year 9 about to do GCSE.

Through my life in Southall I have learned lots of new things. I went to Clifton Primary School and then Featherstone High School, which is near king street, old Southall. In Southall I met lots of new people and got to know about different religions because Southall is multi- cultured. I met some bad and some good people; it showed me the real side of people. I live with my family in Southall and I have a safe neighborhood where I don’t have to get scared because of crime. Southall also has lots of places of worships e.g. Gurdwara, temple, Church, mosque. There are lots of shops in Southall. People come from around the country to shop in Southall; it is popular for the saris and suits that they sell.

Southall has about 50 schools including new Southall and old Southall.

Southall also has transport such as cars, buses, trains, trams and other transport. Southall has transport so that it is easier for the community to travel. People also travel on bikes and motorbikes.

Southall in my opinion is really amazing and something new for everyone to see. Southall has taught me new things such as the real side of people; the good side n bad sided. If you want to know new things then I think that you should visit Southall once a lifetime I bet you that you might visit more then once because it is so brilliant.

Jatinder Ram
7/6/2011 06:32:19 am

I enjoyed reading the history of Southall from your perspective...


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